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  • Published On: May 6, 2024Categories: Kondratieff's Monetary Wave

        The Monetary Wave, also known as Kondratieff's Down Wave, is a pivotal theory in understanding long-term economic cycles. This phenomenon occurs when the costs associated with credit significantly decrease, leading to a surge in wealth. However, this increase is grounded in something other than genuine productive investments or their returns. Still, it is[...]

  • Published On: May 4, 2024Categories: The Kondratieff Cycle

    Exploring the Economic Long Wave, also known as the Kondratieff Cycle The Economic Long Wave, often called the Kondratieff Cycle, is a theorized recurring pattern within the global economy. It intricately intertwines with the life cycle of technology, offering a unique lens through which to understand economic fluctuations. This phenomenon holds particular significance in the[...]

  • Published On: May 3, 2024Categories: Market's, The Economic LongWave Podcast

    Why most forecasting fails. The progression of technology follows a logarithmic pattern. The LongWaves, Kuznets and Business cycles move cyclically while our National/Personal debt accumulates exponentially. We "fail" to anticipate what is coming because our brains are also hardwired to think linearly so we extrapolate those trends into the future.  LINK TO .....THE ECONOMIC LONGWAVE[...]

  • Published On: May 1, 2024Categories: Economic Winter Watch

    Question: Will the upcoming Economic Winter be more severe than the Great Depression? Answer: Depressions are typically triggered by an excessive accumulation of unproductive debt. Long-term mortgages, home equity lines of credit, and credit card debt, which were not prevalent until after the 1930s, will contribute to a more significant economic contraction since debt levels[...]

  • Published On: April 26, 2024Categories: Economics, Economy

    The economic landscape of Canada underwent a significant transformation in 1971, marking a pivotal moment in its trajectory. This shift heralded the ascendancy of Creditism, where the dynamics of economic growth became increasingly intertwined with the expansion and contraction of credit. Gone were the days when capitalism operated solely on capital accumulation and investment principles.[...]

  • Published On: April 20, 2024Categories: Japan, Market's

    I came to Japan um and then very quickly analyzed the situation and concluded that even though in 1991 the top 10 banks in the world were Japanese and most people were saying buy Japanese stocks, they're lowering rates, that's great for the economy and for stocks, I said the opposite I expected that Japanese[...]