The market is in flux.

Update July 20, 2023

An insight into The Economic LongWave Tactical Asset Allocation Model (TELTAAM)

The Economic LongWave Tactical Asset Allocation Model (TELTAAM) is an investment strategy that involves adjusting the allocation of assets in a portfolio based on where they are within the LongWave, which includes Kuznet’s Real Estate Cycle and the Business Cycle. The goal of (TELTAAM) is to take advantage of opportunities or mitigate potential risks in the market.

In simpler terms, (TELTAAM) is like a strategy that helps decide how much capital should be invested in different types of cash, bonds, stocks, commodities and Real Estate at any given time. Instead of sticking with a fixed allocation, (TELTAAM) changes the investments based on where we are in the cycle. These adjustments are made based on analyzing market indicators, economic data, and other factors that may influence asset prices.

Overall, (TELTAAM) is a strategy that aims to optimize returns by adjusting the mix of investments in response to changing market conditions driven by the Business, Kuznet’s and LongWave cycles.


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